Her calluses are also your calluses
Send me a ship and I’ll rate it.




A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

Bring it, people. Send me all the ships.

do this i am running on four hours sleep and need to crush some dreams

I’m trying to prove a point that there is a fan base for a solo Black Widow movie. Please reblog if you’d watch it.

I would definitely watch that movie in theaters!

Lost re-watch | 2x12 | Fire + Water

The Warrior Princess & the Outlaw Swordsman, Willow (1988)

EKO:  “If you don’t mind, I will begin at the beginning.”

[Locke makes gesture to go ahead]

EKO:  “Long before Christ, the king of Judah was a man named Josiah.”

LOCKE:  “Boy, when you say ‘beginning,’ you mean…’beginning.’”


↳ Friendship

Guys, look in your hearts and answer this question honestly- what’s more likely? That someone in this group doesn’t belong in this group or ghosts? If we have to choose between turning on each other or pinning it on some specter with unfinished, pen-related business, I’m sorry, but my money’s on ghost.